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Shareholders are an important part of any business and can contribute to the success of the business. Business owners may handle the day-to-day operations of their business, but their shareholders deserve a say in the future of the business.

When business owners attempt to make decisions or changes without shareholder input, they cut shareholders out of the decision-making process. As an investor, shareholders have a right to make their voices heard. If you feel that your rights are being overlooked, get in touch with our Dallas business lawyer.

Business Aspect Of Shareholder Disputes

Overbearing and difficult shareholders can cause businesses to suffer as well. If you are a business owner, you may have to deal with shareholders who overstep their bounds and cause damage to your business. Our Dallas business litigation attorneys are available to help you protect your business from shareholder harassment.

Businesses may face cases involving failure to pay dividends, wrongful acquisition of shares, or wrongful transfer of stock. It is important to resolve shareholder disputes quickly. Often, these disputes can be settled out of court through mediation or negotiation. If you are unable to avoid court, however, our Dallas business litigation lawyers stand ready to help.

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Minority Shareholders

A minority shareholder is someone who holds a relatively small portion of shares compared to other shareholders in the company.
These shareholders are equally entitled to having a say in the business, but majority shareholders can make it difficult for minority shareholders to be heard or influence the company. Majority shareholders can easily "squeeze out" minority shareholders, which can effectively silence them.

Ways majority shareholders may silence minority shareholders include:

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Shareholder disagreements and partnership disputes can linger and grow into larger problems. We can step in early and work to resolve these issues.

As a shareholder or business owner, you have rights to make your voice heard and to work cooperatively with other interested parties for the benefit of all involved. Our Dallas, Texas, business litigation lawyer can help you protect your rights and help your opinion be recognized.

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