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Small Firm Attention
Big Firm Results

We Never Lose Sight Of What It Means To Be The Client.

Helping Businesses Develop Smart, Solid Plans

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, we start each case by determining what victory looks like and then developing a plan to get us there. The team takes on various assignments and meets often to discuss status and strategy, all the while making sure that we have a masterful grasp of the facts and laws surrounding the case. Our ego never gets in the way of listening to ideas from others on the team. One of our top priorities as a firm is to find a way to resolve each case prior to trial in order to reduce risk, cost and stress for our clients.

Mr. Hunnicutt began his career as in-house counsel for a multinational energy company. Each day he worked closely with clients to solve immediate problems and to plan strategically for the future. This experience has been invaluable in his practice.

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