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Why Hire Our Dallas Business Litigation Lawyer?

Your Case Is Important.

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, you benefit from the combined experience of a group of very knowledgeable attorneys. We value a collaborative approach, contracting other lawyers when necessary to get an in-depth look at the intricacies of your unique matter without the high fees of big downtown firms. We have handled dozens of trials and offer you the advocacy you need and the representation you deserve.

Founded by a Top-Rated Attorney

Our founding attorney, Stephen Hunnicutt, set the precedent for a commitment to excellence and a focus on the client. With 25 years of experience, he has handled countless cases involving business litigation and commercial litigation. Over the years, Attorney Hunnicutt has worked as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 energy company, a large firm, a small firm, and finally, in his own practice.

Thorough Preparation Geared Toward Results


In every case, we start by working with you to determine what victory looks like. We then develop a plan to get us there. This means that we always strive to be the most prepared in the room and never lose sight of your best interests.

To prepare for any case, our team always:

  • Meets often to discuss status and strategy
  • Make sure we know the facts very well and know the law of that case
  • Prepare to tell the judge and the jury or the arbitrator the story in the simplest manner possible
  • Never let ego get in the way of listening to ideas from others on the team

Our Dallas business litigation attorneys constantly look for a way to resolve each case prior to trial in order to reduce a client's risk, cost, and stress, as even winning can be very expensive and stressful. We know that persistence pays off, especially in complicated matters, and we never back down from helping you get the results you need in the simplest way possible.

Honest Representation and the Highest Professional Standards

We strive to provide clients with an honest assessment of the case from the first meeting until the case is concluded. Part of our job is to not be just an advocate for our clients during litigation, but also an advocate for a better life. Litigation is draining, particularly if it is the client's first case. The fear of the unknown makes people lose sleep and experience stress they are not accustomed to in their regular life. Whatever we can do to help them through that period of their life is our job, and our pleasure.

What Our Clients Say