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in Real Estate Litigation Matters

Real estate and property ownership disputes can escalate for months on end without a resolution. In the meantime, there may be a significant impact on your home, livelihood or business. In these instances, litigation may be the only recourse.

For more than 25 years, attorney Steve Hunnicutt has provided guidance on complex matters including real estate litigation to individuals and businesses in Dallas and across Texas.

Resolving Disputes Throughout Texas

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, Steve Hunnicutt has been helping property owners, tenants and others in a wide variety of real estate matters. We have represented individuals, businesses and corporate entities in matters involving:

  • Commercial Real Estate Investments
  • Property Line Disputes
  • Title Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Construction Defects
  • Copyright Infringement

Get Help With Your Real Estate Dispute

These matters often arise from a misunderstanding or unclear communication. A homeowner expecting one thing and receiving another. An unexpected construction snafu causing a significant change to the final product. While these disputes can start small, they can escalate into complex legal issues.

Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you may be facing a prolonged and cumbersome legal process to resolve an issue that should not have occurred in the first place. We leverage our experience in both litigation and mediation, as well as other forms of alternative dispute resolution, in an effort to resolve the issues quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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